The Tech Kid Talks… Hotspots

Welcome back to the Tech Kid Blog!

Today we are going to be talking about creating a hotspot on your phone. This is very simple so the blog should be pretty short today.

Now depending on what phone you have, the way you start this process is by calling your carrier and making sure you have a good data plan on your account and that you have the availability to create a hotspot on your phone. As some carrier do charge extra for this. After this you go into the setting on your phone and click ‘Phone Connections’ and from that menu you should see an option that says ‘Turn Hotspot On’. Now once you do this it’s going to ask you to create a network name and network password, DON’T FORGET WHAT YOU PUT!

After all these steps you’re ready to start connecting your different devices to your hotspot and browse the web. Connecting a device is very simple and in most ways is the same way you would connect to a Wi-Fi. Start by going to the Wi-Fi options on your device and search for local wireless networks. You should see a network with the name of the hotspot you created on the list. Once you click it will ask you the network password or key that you created when you set up the hotspot. After that you should be good to go.

I use this feature on my iPhone and I know that when I get a phone call the internet will stop working as you cannot go on the internet and be on a call at the same time on an iPhone. This sometimes becomes annoying as mostly every other smart phone has this feature. Also you can see how many connections you have from your smart phone hotspot menu. Now remember when doing this it does use a good amount of your mobile data, so make sure that you have a good amount on your plan as we discussed above.

That is all for this week, don’t forget to check out my next blog with all of our Valentine’s Day Specials! We will have cell phone packages with accessories and two lines coupled family plans! Sign-off below if you’d like me to talk about a specific subject next week!

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