Valentine’s Day Deals!

Welcome back to The Kids Blog

Today I want to let you know about a few Valentines Deals we have going on till the end of February!

The first deal is the Cell Phone Package Deal:

This comes with your choice of one of our National Choice Plans, 3 months of free service, a Samsung Gusto 2 Cell Phone, a cell phone pouch, and a car charger for only $19.99!

The next deal is called our “Love Birds Plan”:

This comes with two free Samsung Gusto 2 cell phones, your choice of one of our National Choice or National Freedom Plans, and 2 cell phone pouches!

The next deal is the “Big Talker Plan!”:

This comes with our Unlimited Talk and Text plan for only $39.99, with a free Samsung A-157, and a free Bluetooth headset!

Our last deal is called the “A Love For the Ages Plan!”:

This comes with a free senior friendly Samsung U-410, a free mono headset, and a free cell phone pouch belt buckle! Make sure to call InTouch America before the month ends to get any of these deals just mention that you saw it on ‘The Tech Kid Blog’!

I also wanted to talk about roaming a little bit. A lot of people don’t realize that your phone starts to roam when you go outside of your network area because the phone still has service. You don’t realize that the minutes you were using are a lot more expensive as your using what’s called an ‘Extended Area’ network or ‘Roaming’ network and this can cost a lot of money at times. There are a few indicators to tell when your phone is roaming. The first being you can see a small triangle in the top left corner where your phone shows you the network strength. Also you will know because sometime the phone will prompt you as soon as you get into the roaming area if you’d like to continue using the phone while roaming and incur additional charges.

Just remember If you feel that you are going in an area where you might be roaming be sure to check the signal strength and look out for the triangle!

Until next week techies and seniors! I wish you all a wonderful Valentine’s Day with your loved ones!

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