App of The Week… Frankly Chat

These days everyone texts, but a text message can only relay the words we type. It is hard to convey the emotion we are feeling behind the words. Have you ever wanted to “yell” angrily at someone thru text? Have you wanted to whisper? Emphasize a point? Or be sarcastic? Now you can do all that and more. You can increase & decrease font sizes and you can even change the color of the font to match your emotions. Don’t just type something; make your friends feel what you’re saying!

With Frankly Chat there are many other convenient features. You can add pictures to your messages that can fill the screen but can be previewed within the message. Similar to the Snap Chat app, the messages do not stick around forever like with normal texts. The message is sent encrypted and stays that way until it is opened. You can view the messages for 10 seconds & then they delete forever, if your friend takes a screen shot you are notified. Unlike anything else, you (the sender) have the option to delete the message you send. Have you ever sent a text & then regretted it, only to be stuck with that person seeing what you wrote? I know I have & I would have done anything to be able to take the text back… well now you can! With Frankly Chat, you can delete a message you sent before your friend is able to read it. This can be very helpful during those intense conversations or arguments.

Have you ever wanted to say something to a friend, or a group of friends, but weren’t comfortable enough to actually say it? Now you can with anonymous conversations. Add as many friends as you want to your anonymous conversation and whatever is said does not attach itself to a name or a picture of the sender so it is completely anonymous, you only know it came from someone in the group. Now you can say anything you want or whatever you think your friend needs to hear without worrying about it coming back to you or them getting mad at you for “speaking the truth”!

All those things you have wanted to do with your text messages have finally been made possible. Do all this and more with Frankly Chat. Download to your Android or IPhone today for FREE and start expressing yourself how you have always wanted to!

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