The Tech Kids New Years Picks!

Welcome back to the Tech Kid Blog!

This week I’m going to give you some information on my top three items I recommend to have for the New Year!

Let’s start with Chromecast: This cool little dongle is as small as your USB flash drive and simply connects to your TV HDMI port and streams all your favorite apps. Chromecast currently streams Netflix, HuluPlus, Yahoo Channels, and most importantly you can mirror your computer onto your TV screen to basically stream anything you’re watching on your computer.  They currently have an array of apps that are being developed for the Chromecast. All of these great features for the low price of $29.99? I’m in!

Next on my list is going to be the Beats by Dr. Dre Pill Bluetooth Speaker. This little capsule shaped speaker is VERY loud and has an excellent volume range. I’ve tried a few different Bluetooth speakers but this one takes the cake. The bass and treble come through very sharp and clear. It has an excellent sound quality. The Beats Pill can be yours for only $199.99!

Alright the last item and my favorite of all is going to be the Philips Hue Connected Light Bulbs. I just got these for myself a few weeks ago and I TRULY love them. The setup is so easy you just have to plug the Hub into your internet router via Ethernet cable, screw in the bulbs, and download the app on your Smartphone or iPad and you’re good to go. These bulbs change to any color you want them to be and you control each and every bulb individually. It’s pretty amazing. Other apps are getting in on the fun creating new ways to play with the lights for example I just downloaded the Christmas Lights Hue app and it changes the light bulbs every 4 minutes to a new set of Christmas colors. What better way to get into the holiday spirit! I even have an alarm on them to slowly turn on like a sunrise at 6:45AM. These are the best thing I have purchased in a while! The starter kit comes with 3 connected bulbs and the hub that can connect to over 150 bulbs for only $249.99!  I wish you all a Happy New Years!!

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