5 Reasons to Switch Back to a Flip Phone

The beauty of technology, and the reason why so many people are eager to get their hands on the latest and greatest new devices, is that it makes our lives easier. Imagine the time when the laundry and dishes were all washed by hand, or when you had to rely on a horse and carriage to take you hither and yonder. How about sending correspondence through the mail and waiting weeks for a reply?

These days, life moves a lot more quickly thanks to modern conveniences. Now all we have to do is dump the laundry in the machine and hit a button to wash it. We can zip around in cars and traverse the country by plane in a few short hours. Staying connected to family, friends, and work connections can happen anywhere and at any time with smartphones that offer calling, messaging, and email.

So what’s the problem? In truth, there are several. How about the cost? Remember when you grumbled that your phone plan cost you twenty bucks a month? Now you’re lucky if you can get away with less than a hundred with messaging and data, and that’s not even including the several hundred dollars you spend on the device.

Then there is the time you waste – quality time you could be spending with loved ones or, you know, living an actual life. What about identity theft with devices that are easy to hack? Long story short, it may be time to follow in the footsteps of millennials and go retro with a flip phone. Here are a few reasons why you might want to switch back.

1. Save Money

One of the best reasons to switch back to a flip phone is the money you’ll save. Okay, let’s start with the phone itself. When you sign up for many services, flip phones are actually free! Alternatively, you could shell out $500 or more for the latest iPhone or Android device, which you’ll probably hate because of how difficult it is to use. Your choice.

Then there is the expense of using and maintaining this pricy device. You’re going to pay for your phone service, plus a texting plan, not to mention data. This could all add up pretty quickly, especially if you use a lot of data or you have several family members on your plan. Now we know why they’re called smartphones – they figured out how to take all your money.

2. Increase Security

You can practically throw a stone these days and hit a celebrity whose phone has been hacked and who has had their private pictures and messages leaked all over the internet. The truth is smartphones just aren’t entirely secure. If you want to avoid having your device hacked and your identity stolen, going low-tech is a great option.

3. Never Run Out of Battery Life

Forget the fact that smartphones are huge and obtrusive. Forget that they don’t fit in your pocket anymore. Consider the fact that you now have to carry additional batteries to plug them into because they die so quickly.

Did that ever happen with your old flip phone? Probably the only reason you ever ran out of battery life was because you had to plug it in so infrequently to recharge that you literally forgot it had been five days since you last charged it up.

4. Save Time

Oh, the amount of time modern man spends gazing at devices. It used to be confined to your home or place of work, where TVs and computers are constant companions. Nowadays, however, you can enter a crowded restaurant or bar and see more people looking at phone screens than at each other.

Here’s an experiment to see if you spend too much time on your phone. When was the last time you checked Facebook, performed a Google search, watched a cat video, or sent a text message? Probably just a few minutes ago, if not a few seconds. Now when was the last time you called your mother? Case closed.

5. Reconnect, For Real

When you no longer have a smartphone to revert to for “personal” connection, you may find yourself actually connecting with loved ones in person or meeting people out in public. It’s almost a strange and nostalgic notion these days – meeting people the old-fashioned way – but you’re bound to find it surprisingly fulfilling.

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