The Tech Kid Talks…External Battery Packs

Welcome back to The Tech Kid Blog

Today I want to talk about external battery packs; these are basically an outlet that you can charge your phone with, ANYWHERE! The way this can happen is by charging the external battery pack for an allotted amount of time so the pack juices up with power basically. Then you can just throw it in your pocket or backpack and it will always be there when you need to recharge your phone, until the battery pack indicates to you that it needs to be refilled with power! There are so many of these items out there in all shapes, colors, and sizes that I feel like I should share a few that I think are really worth the money and also have other features that are helpful.

Let’s start with Anker Astro Series. These back up backs are simple, clean and have a great slim design. These packs are known for packing (no pun intended) a lot of energy into a little device. This pack also comes with two USB charging ports. So you can charge TWO of your favorite devices at the same time! There are three versions of this device that range in power capacity. The lowest starting at only $39.99!

Now the next battery pack is small simple and perfect for women! Its called the VeHo Pebble Portable Battery with built- in Speaker. This device is very cool. Just like the Astro this unit will charge your device as well as play music from the mobile phone that it’s plugged into! The reason I say this is good for women is because its shaped like a lipstick casing and comes in a lot of vibrant colors! I got one for my mom and she loves it! The best part? The low price of $19.99 of course!

Now last but not least would have to be the iPhone Mophie Juice Pack Plus. This is an external battery pack that protects your phone at the same time! Yes you just read correctly, this actually is a phone cover that can charge your phone at the same time. A cool feature is that just by plugging your phone into the charger at night you’re charging the Mophie Juice Pack as well. Then when you feel like your phone needs a bit more power you can just turn the juice pack on and boom your phone it charging just by pushing the button on the back of your phone case! This battery pack is a little more expensive then a regular external battery pack as it fits on your phone so seamlessly! The Mophie Juice Pack Plus starts from $79.99!

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