App of The Week… Snapchat

Meet Ghostface Chillah. He is the mascot for one of the most popular apps out there today… Snapchat. Snapchat introduces a new way to keep in contact with your friends. Simply open the Snapchat app, take a picture, add a typed message if you like, choose who you want to see it & send it off. Your friend can view your “snap” from anywhere between 1-10 seconds and then the picture is gone forever. This is a great way to interact with friends quickly on a lighter, easier note.

One of the best things about Snapchat is that the picture is only seen for a brief time so you can send those silly faces without worrying about them floating around online. You can have fun with your friends when you can’t be together. You can also send your sister a picture of the present you bought mom for her birthday without worrying about mom seeing it & ruining the surprise. Keep in mind, the person you are sending the “snap” to is able to screenshot the picture so it’s not 100% share-proof BUT if they do take a screenshot you will be notified.

Wonder why Snapchat is so popular? There must be a reason why the company went from making no revenue in October 2012 to being offered $4 Billion by Google to buy them out in November 2013. Although it is a pretty fun app to use I’m not sure if it is worth that much! But for now this is the app that everyone is talking about & even more people are using. Join the fun and Snapchat today.

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