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A few weeks ago I posted a few blogs about troubleshooting an Apple iPhone device, today I wanted to talk about troubleshooting an android device in a few simple steps. Now remember this is a more simplistic troubleshooting process for android on lower updated versions. Follow each step and see if it solves the problem you’re having!

1. Power down phone and do a battery pull, reboot phone. Does this solve your issue?

2. Rule out the SD card by backing up your files to your PC, and then delete them from your SD card. Reboot phone. Does this solve your issue?

3. Reformat the SD card, reboot phone. Does this solve your issue?

4. Identify recently downloaded apps as the source of your issue by uninstalling one at a time until you find the culprit app.

5. Wipe “Cache”: Froyo Software – with phone powered off hold the power button and home keys until you see a triangle “!”, then press the search key, then using the volume keys scroll down to “wipe cache partition”, use the camera key to select yes, when finished, using the camera button select “reboot system now”. Does this solve your issue?

Gingerbread Software – Hold down power and home buttons>wait for droid triangle>press volume up & down simultaneous> select wipe cache>use power button to select>reboot system. Does this solve your issue?.

ICS Software – Power phone off>Hold volume up + Home + Power> Wipe Cache Partition>Reboot.

6. Go through apps that are associated with your particular issue and clear their “Data” and “Cache”. Reboot phone: *For example if you are having problems with your Photo Gallery: Media Storage – Clear Data & Cache Media Container Service – Clear Data & Cache

*If you use a Task Killer, uninstall.

**Keep auto updates for apps turned off: Sometimes these updates will cause what was once a stable app, to conflict with phone.

These are just some simple steps to fix various issues you might have on your android!

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