What Are They Wearing?

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So all weekend I’ve been seeing people wearing connected devices. For example I saw someone with the Google Glass on and someone else with what looked like an elastic band on their arm that lets them know there heart rate and tracks there walking patterns, and patches all the information to their cell phone! Pretty amazing stuff! So I thought I would do a blog on both of these Connected Wearable’s!

Let’s start with the most anticipated product to come out in 2014, The Google Glass! So far Google has only allowed a very limited amount of people to use and own this product in a program called the ‘Google Glass Explorer Program’. This program is by invitation only. Now let’s get to the glass itself. This is a pair of regular glasses that have a little screen, camera, and headphone input all within its small frame. By putting the glasses on, you can see the screen within your peripheral vision. The screen can do many things like show you a recipe while you’re cooking or even take a picture or video of what you’re looking at. You can even video conference someone through the glass and show them exactly what you’re looking at in live time. They come with one Mono headphone used to put in one ear and make phone calls through Bluetooth connectivity with your phone.  Recently they just introduced a Stereo headphone for listening to your music or watching a video on your glass. These glasses are pretty cool but come with a hefty price tag of $1,500.00. So if you want to shell out all that money for a pair of glasses, these would be the ones to get in 2014!

Now the next thing I wanted to talk about is the Jawbone Up wristband. I thought this wrist band just checks your heart rate and activity patterns but it does much more then that! After looking up the item online a bit I saw that it can also track your sleep time and quality. Jawbone tracks every movement you make weather it’s walking, running, playing, or sleeping Jawbone knows and tracks these activities and logs it all in an app on your smart phone. That’s pretty cool! You can even wear it in the pool or shower as its waterproof! So you really never have to take it off. It comes in multiple fashion colors, a few being; blue, gray, red, and black. It also looks like it’s pretty comfortable. It’s not big and clunky but more small and modern. No one would ever assume that this little device on your arm is tracking your every move and relaying all the information to your phone! This wristband and all its cool features can be yours for only $119.99!

That’s all for today guys!

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