The Tech Kid Talks… World Cell Phone

Welcome back to The Tech Kid Blog!

Today I just want to talk a little bit about traveling to another country with your cell phone and getting a world phone.

When traveling to another country and using your own cell phone, people tend to forget the extreme cost it comes with. Usually you have to call your carrier and ask to enable international roaming. Then when you get into another country you can use your same phone number and call your friends and family. Now the problem doesn’t start until you get home and get your enormous bill. Carriers usually charge about $1.50 to $2.00 a minute just for calling, that’s not including data charges and text messaging. Data is very expensive when roaming internationally so remember to try and always stay connected to any Wi-Fi that’s available while traveling.

Now the better option when traveling is to get an internationally unlocked world phone. With this type of phone you will be able to call and text using a local carrier and SIM card. You have to buy a SIM card when you arrive in the country. You can usually get one from the local airport or even from the airport of your home town back in the US. I live in Los Angeles and i know at LAX Airport they sell different SIM cards for different countries. This controls the amount of money you’re spending on minutes and also you won’t have to worry about coming home to huge bill from your carrier.

There are a lot of different options when it comes to unlocked world phones. The one i recommend is the Samsung A-157. This is a simple flip phone that can still meet all your needs and not break the bank. The phone itself can be purchased through Intouch America for only $45.00 and can be used in any country that sells local SIM cards. Its very simple to activate the SIM once you buy it. Usually there are very simple instructions on the back of the SIM card to generate a local phone number for you to give your friends and family. Once its active you just have to pop the SIM card into the back of the phone and your ready to go!

That’s it for this week! Don’t forget to check out the App of The Week blog which gets posted every Friday to download your favorite apps and learn about other apps that might interest you!

Till next time techies and seniors!

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