The Tech Kid Talks… Service Contract Fees

Welcome back to The Tech Kid Blog!

Today we are going to be talking about service contracts and the different terms that come along with it.

Let’s start with what ETFs and EDPs mean. Early termination fees and early disconnection penalty are normal fees that are associated with closing your cellular account usually before the term of the contract is up. These fees vary with every carrier starting from $150.00-$350.00 dollars. These days carriers are offering to pay your ETFs and EDPs because everyone wants to garner new customers. Anytime you want to cancel your cellular account or move your account to another carrier you most likely will incur an ETF or EDP.

Next is going to the port fee. This fee is associated with porting your number to another carrier. The Federal Communications Commission says that when leaving your current carrier you are allowed to take your number with you and the current carrier can charge a fee to port that number for you. This is to help with fees incurred by other costs that come with closing and porting your account. The port fee is something that all carriers charge weather they tell you up front or not, it’s always within your contract somewhere. Some carriers just include the port fee in your ETFs or EDPs.

Now the last fee that can usually be waived is the activation fee. This fee comes with most carriers when signing up. A lot of companies recently are giving away free devices and paying your old carriers ETFs and EDPs because there charging you ridiculous $40.00 activation fee so that re-coups there cost. They can usually waive that fee if you say something because there is no need for the activation fee unless you’re going on a really low cost plan and the carrier needs to re-coup costs for giving you that low plan and free phone.

The point of this blog is to help seniors and techies better understand the ins and outs of your cellular service contract. Some carriers and companies don’t want you to know the fees associated with the contract but we at InTouch America want you to be FULLY aware of what’s going on with your contract and we ALWAYS offer no contract Month to Month options.

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