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How many times have you had a hard time reading the text on a parking sign? I am sure plenty of times. Let me tell you, whenever I assist a customer with technical support, I always hear the same thing most of the time. The customer says, “let me get my magnifying glass”. Well, today I am going to talk to you about magnifying glass applications on your smartphone. First thing you need to do is go into your app store on your device. If you own an Android Device, you go to your apps and select Google Play Store. If you own an Apple iPhone, unlock your device, and search the blue App Store icon. Ok, so once you have opened the application. Look for the search bar- which coincidentally is a magnifying glass. Once you have selected the search bar type in “magnifying glass”. Now, you will have many applications pop up. I suggest you read the reviews and view the app rating. You can always download the apps and you if you do not like the experience, delete it. However, today I will talk about a specific app, the Magnifying Glass + Flashlight application.

They offer two versions: free and premium. Basically, the free app has ads, and the premium version has no ads. The application allows you to zoom up to 32x. Also, you can take a picture of what you are viewing while using the app. In addition, the app has flashlight feature. You can use that for a late night read before bedtime. Simply turn on the magnifying glass app, zoom in onto your text and turn on the flashlight towards your book. Add the Magnifying Glass + Flashlight application to your phone and enjoy.

Written by: Geo M.

#seniorapps # seniorsmartphone #appforseniors #magnify #unlimitedplans

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