The Tech Kid Talks…. ‘Cloud Storage’ part two!

Welcome back to the tech kid blog.

I’ve noticed a lot of people reading an older blog I wrote a few months ago about Cloud Storage. This is just an addition to that blog.

Now that we know WHAT cloud storage is, let’s talk about the different websites and services that come with online storage companies. There are MANY different sources where you can store your information online. Some of the bigger names are Google Drive, One Drive (Microsoft), and Amazon Cloud. All three of these services offer a free program and a paid service program. The Google Drive offers 30 GB of free storage for all new customers. OneDrive offers 15 GB of free storage. Amazon Cloud offers 5 GB of free storage. You can clearly tell which provider is the best and offers the most storage. Let’s say you were to choose Google drive, the way you sign up is by creating a Gmail account. Most of these providers require you to be signed up with their parent company. That is why you really want to trust the storage provider you sign up with.

Now let’s talk about what information you want to put in the ‘Cloud’. I recommend that you don’t put ANY documents with person information (i.e. tax returns, W-2, bank statements). I use my storage cloud to hold all of my school information and also all of my pictures. The good thing about all three of these providers is that they all have Smartphone applications you can download .Once you download the app you can start backing up your cell phone information to the cloud, and then if something happens to your phone it can always reload your information back to the new phone. Plus you can access all the information in your cloud right from your Smartphone.

Having this type of storage service is VERY important. It’s like having a storage unit in a storage facility, only you can access it from anywhere that has an internet connection!

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