The Tech Kid Talks… Cell Phone Insurance

Welcome back to The Tech Kid Blog!

Today i want to talk a little about phone insurance.

Most cell phone carriers have an optional insurance fee that you pay every month. The fee is included in your monthly cell phone bill. The fee itself can be anywhere from $5.00-$20.00 a month. But with that fee comes safety and security in knowing that your phone is covered if something were to happen to it. Most insurance companies will cover lost or stolen phones as well as phones that have damaged from failing out of your hard and water damage. There are specific things that insurance will not cover but mostly everything is covered.

Now if something were to happen to your phone you just have to take a few steps to get the new phone. You have to fill out an insurance claim and most likely pay an insurance deductible. The insurance deductible really depends on the type of phone you have. I know for regular basic phones the deductible is $50.00 but for Smartphone’s the deductible can be anywhere from  $100.00 all the way up to $175.00. Once you pay the deductible the phone will be sent in the mail and once you receive the new phone you will have to call your carrier to activate the phone. Most importantly, you have to send your old broken phone back to the insurance company or they will do whets called a chargeback. The chargeback will be of the FULL retail value of a new phone.

Please make sure if you know you’re clumsy or prone to breaking your phone please sign up for insurance! I personally always have insurance because i know that if something were to happen then i feel safe knowing that i would just have to pay the deductible and get my new phone! Now you can’t order usually more then 2 or 3 insurance claims a year but that should still be enough to cover your bumps and bruises. That’s all for today, stay tuned till the next blog techies and seniors!

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