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Welcome back to The Tech Blog,

Today were going to be talking about a subject a few of my customers have been asking me about. What is a cloud? No no, not the one above your head, in the sky, but the one everyone keeps storing there computer and phone files in?

Let’s start with what a ‘Cloud’ is and how it’s used. A ‘Cloud’ is, very simply put an external storage drive for your computer or phone that is accessible through the internet. Usually the only way to add files into your ‘Cloud’ is to be online and logged in to the ‘Cloud’. You can then load all your information and access it from anywhere! Or just save it there as back up. Most of you have been there when your computer turns off and won’t turn back on, meaning it’s time to buy a new computer. Well if you have a ‘Cloud’ set up on the computer you can change the settings to automatically add all your new information into the ‘Cloud’ everyday. For example all the files load onto my ‘Cloud’ everyday at 3:00AM. I do it at night because sometimes I have big files and it can take a few hours to load everything to my ‘Cloud’. Then let’s say I’m at work and need a file from my personal computer I know that it’s always available on my cloud through internet access on my computer at work!

Now lets talk about a ‘Cloud’ on your phone. I think this is VERY important because usually your phone has important personal information that is hard to recover unless backed up on your ‘Cloud’. Apple has made this very easy on there iPhones by giving everyone who has an iTunes account a free 5GB of ‘Cloud’ storage which they call the iCloud. The ICloud stores everything from your phone contacts to music and videos and even remembers your customized setting on the phone like what home page you put certain apps on. For Android based phones there are other ‘Cloud’ apps available that allow you to save all your phones data for you as well.

Always remember it’s very important to back up ALL your devices as you never want to lose important information. These days we pay all of our bills and bank transfers online and save the receipts and confirmations on our devices, so this is also a good way to help deter from your information getting stolen or hacked as you will know what information was taken since its all backed up in your ‘Cloud’!

Till next week Techies and seniors! Sound off below if you’d like to discuss a specific topic next week!

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