The First Braille Phone… EVER!

Welcome back to The Tech Kid Blog.

A few days ago in the UK a company named OwnFone introduced the world’s first Braille phone. Pretty cool, right? Well today I just wanted to talk a bit about how this phone works, the specs on the phone and how you can get one!

First off, you can go to OwnFone’s website and design your own phone. Making the keypad choice to Braille, you can choose two or four of the buttons to appear in Braille. The keyboard of the phone is actually 3D Printed! The Braille keypad is the size of a credit card and is geared towards seniors and kids. When designing the phone you also get the option to change the colors of the exterior of the phone and even add an image if you’d like. The phone also has a VERY long battery life, with OwnFone saying it will last up to a year in standby mode.

There have been a few other companies that have made models and prototypes but this is the first Braille phone to hit the market. The phone itself starts at only $100.00!

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