Post-paid? Pre-paid? What…?

This week I’m going to be talking about post paid plans VS pre paid plans. There are many benefits of having a post paid account and to having a prepaid account its all about knowing what features you want in your plan.

Now many people assume that getting yourself into a two year contract is a bad thing. But what most people don’t understand is that most utility companies have contracts that are much the same. The only reason customers don’t like having a two year contract specifically with their cellular provider is because cell phone technology is changing every day. By the time you sign that contract and walk out of the store, playing with your new phone, there’s already a new phone coming out that out beats your BRAND NEW ONE. What people don’t see is that having a contract is also saving you money. For example my old cell phone company used to have Unlimited Data plan that I signed up for and two years later I went in for my upgrade and they told me if I change my plan then I lose the locked in rate I had on my previous contract. So you see you can lock in your rate AND you get a free phone every two years, and let’s be honest for most of us every two years is enough, if you truly get a phone you love.

Now on to pre-paid. There isn’t much to say about this option of having a phone because I think it comes with a lot of problems. For example you buy your cell phone at full price and usually don’t have very many options to choose from (and the options you do have to choose from are very old phones). Then after you paid all that money for the phone you have to go into a store every time you want to buy more minutes, text messages or more data to go on the mobile internet. So basically you can be on the freeway and get a flat tire, pull over to the side of the freeway, pull your phone out and see that you’ve run out of minutes. No phone to call for help, your just stuck there until someone is nice enough to pull over for you.

A cell phone is used in many different ways for many different people. That’s why at InTouch America we cater to EVERYONE’S needs. We have plans that start as low as $9.99 and go up to Unlimited Talk and Text plans that start from $29.99. Most cell phone providers only have the unlimited plan options and MAYBE one lower minute plan option, and if that doesn’t meet your needs you can always use their pre-paid phone option (and you know how I feel about that).

In the end just sign the contract and know that you’re not only saving money on your brand new cell phone but your saving money for that WHOLE two years of service.

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