How to pick the best Cell Phone for YOU!

This week we are talking about how to choose the best phone for you. This will be a very simple blog on the things you NEED in a phone rather then what you WANT In a phone.

Let’s start with some things that are very important to have in a phone. Most phones these days have EVERYTHING you need in them as they have a ‘Digital Store’ on the phone to purchase and download apps or music straight to the phone. For example the android has the ‘Google Play Store’ and the iPhone has the ‘App Store’. These are meant for you to download all the applications you might want on that particular phone. But even before we get to a phone that has a ‘Digital Store’ to download things, some people just want a simple and easy to use phone that has new features. Simple flip phones these days aren’t just ‘simple’. They have a lot of different features that are very useful not just for making phone calls or storing phone numbers in your phone; but also for taking pictures and sending them to your loved ones or setting up your favorite Bluetooth headset.

I learned that just because a newer model of a phone I have or have had came out doesn’t mean I need to jump and go buy it. A lot of people get caught up in the ‘BUZZ’ of a new phone coming out. But in reality you don’t really need the newest latest and greatest phone that is out, partly because the phone that you are currently using has all the EXACT same features as the newest phone has. The first thing I always ask my customers when they call in and ask for the new iPhone or the latest Samsung Galaxy is “What feature does this phone that you need, that your current phone doesn’t have or that a more affordable phone would have?” and they usually understand what I’m saying in the sense that you don’t need to spend all that money on a new phone when you can get all the same features for a much more affordable price. Also waiting on the device to be out for about 3 months the manufacturer usually drops the price!

Always remember when getting a new phone “is this an impulse purchase? Or do I really need the latest and greatest technology?” or you can just call one of our helpful customer service representatives at (800)500-0066 and they will be able to help you find a phone that best suits your needs.

Till next time techies and seniors!

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