Here’s Why Pay-As-You-Go Phone Plans Are Perfect For Seniors

There are over 46 million seniors in the US. You have kids, grandkids, and doctors that you need to talk on a regular basis. While you can’t put a price on family, you can put a price a phone service.

Traditional long distance service is all but dead and usually costs a ridiculous amount. For the cost conscious senior, a cell phone makes a lot of sense, but which cell phone service should you pick?

Keep reading and we’ll give you some excellent reasons why pay-as-you-go service is a choice worth considering. 


Big cellular companies want people to buy the latest, most-expensive smartphones available. Then, they want you to pair it up with the most extravagant service options, like unlimited everything for 4 lines. It’s how they pad their bottom line

Pay-as-you-go services don’t push you in any specific direction. They give you plan options and phone options. If all you need is a flip phone with a few hours of talk time, you can get that as an option.

Want a smartphone with unlimited talk and text, you can get that too.

Less Expensive

Many senior citizens get around 90% of their income from Social Security, which means they live on basically fixed incomes. They can’t take on overtime to boost their income to pay for extras.

The big cell phone companies want to lock people into expensive contracts for a new phone. Of course, that almost always calls for keeping the service active. Depending on the phone and service, it can cost as much as $120 a month.

With pay-as-you-go plans, you can get a low-cost phone and pay as little as $10 a month for service. Many companies, like InTouch Wireless, will even let you use your current phone.

It’s an approach that makes it easy for someone on a fixed income to keep a phone line open for emergencies or just keeping in touch.

Ideal for Travel

Spending a month or two at a cottage in Maine or hitting the road in an RV to see the country? Have a landline at home already?

Pay as you go phones offer the perfect solution for keeping in contact with friends and family. You can check in from the road or deal with any emergencies at home without flying back.

Plus, you only pay for the month or two you use the phone. Then, you tuck it away until next year with no more payments.

Parting Thoughts on Pay-as-You-Go Plans for Seniors

Pay-as-you-go plans offer a lot of benefits for seniors.

For one, you get much better control over your plan options in terms total talk time and texts. Pay-as-you-go plans also prove much cheaper for most people than a standard cell phone plan.

They’re also the ideal solution for short-term travel. You can stay in touch with the people you care about without committing to a multi-year contract.

InTouch America specializes in pay-as-you-go phone service. For questions about our services, please check out our FAQs or contact us here.

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