Happy Father’s Day!

This Father’s Day stay in touch with dad by giving him a phone.  Let me discuss the different phones out there in the market. You have the option of using a basic flip phone or smartphone? I will start off by discussing what the flip phones do. First, flip phones are simple to use. You have a classic flip phone design. You get an incoming phone call; you flip open the device and you have answered your call. The flip phone is simple to use. Although flip phones are simple, they do have some features that come in handy. For example. some of those features are camera, calculator, clock, and calendar. In addition, some basic phones have the capability of using the internet. If dad is just planning on using his phone to only call, that is ok too. However, talk to dad about these wonderful feature’s basic phones offer. Dad has a doctor’s appointment; he can add the date and time to his calendar. Dad needs to wake up early on the weekends, he can set the alarm clock on his phone. Basic phones are great for dad this Father’s Day. Now that I have discussed what are basic flip phones, let me discuss what are the smartphones.

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Smartphones are basically a computer and phone on one handheld device. Most smartphones are touch screen, and they are user friendly. There are two main smartphones out in the market. You have the Android Smartphones and the Apple iPhone. I own the Google Pixel which operates the Android software. Some of the features I use are camera, music, calendar, google drive, and maps. These devices have it all. You can show dad how to download an app through the play store. Say your dad likes to golf, you can find an app for nearby golf courses. If you like the iPhone, you can purchase dad an iPhone device. I had some customers ask me how I can help them send of video to their grandson. It was a happy birthday video that the family put together. It was amazing to me how the family was connected through there iPhone. You can also show dad how to use facetime, basically, face time allows you to have a video phone call with other Apple iPhone users. This is a great app to use under the current state we are living in due to the pandemic. Once you start using the devices the possibilities are endless. Those customers I helped record a video for their grandson were pretty tech savvy. They knew how to use Apple’s iCloud Share album. Basically, the photo album allows a user to take pictures, upload them to iCloud and share to other iCloud users. If you want to share photos with dad and the whole family, you can use Apple’s share album. So, this Father’s Day get dad something he will enjoy. Get a basic phone or smartphone. Show him that no matter what, we are always connected.

Written by: Geo M.

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