Do you believe in Magic? Is it time to cut the cord?

Just thought I would share an experience I had with one of my customer this week. She had called in letting me know that her cell phone she has with us is no longer calling her home phone ,which so happened to be a Magic Jack VOIP phone service. I personally know that Magic Jack has no customer service line, so that makes it very difficult for me to pin point the exact issue. It took me about 2 days of none stop working with our carrier and also reading different technical support methods online. My customer called in everyday within those two days letting me know that her husband has left the house and cannot call the house from the cell phone. She was very upset. I let her know that it’s going to be ok, and to call him from the house phone for now, and that I was working my hardest on resolving the issue.

After about two days of wracking my brain about this situation, knowing that I have NEVER heard of this EVER before. I finally decided to just start from the beginning and refresh her whole account myself. I stopped the trouble ticket with the carrier and took control of the situation and used the tools given to me to resolve it. I called her and let her know we are going to be doing a few things over the phone to see if we can get the cell phone to call her house phone. It took about twenty minutes on the phone troubleshooting and trying different methods but in the end I finally got it to work! We were both elated. In the end I learned a lot about the importance of having a cell phone, and she learned to trust InTouch America for all her wireless needs In the future and also referred her family to us in the process!

Just thought I would share the experience I had this week. And it brings me to my next topic. Why do we still need to have house phones? Why are we paying for a phone that has to be plugged in and confines you to the four walls of your home? When I ask this question to my customers most of them say well “I keep my house phone because everyone has that number”. My response is always the same; don’t you think it’s time for a change? Time for a fresh start? Most of them agree. It’s always nice to start fresh and with a new number. It almost makes you feel like you’re in control again, you get to tell people what your number is one by one and NO MORE TELEMARKETING CALLS! You can walk around ANYWHERE and have a cell phone that will always work. In natural disasters is when a cell phone is VERY important to have. Your home phone will most likely be the first thing that does not work. If there is a power outage the house phone will not work. There are many different situations in which a house phone will always be rendered useless, and a cell phone comes to the rescue!

Until next time! Please feel free to leave your thoughts on the bottom comment portion of this page and also some new blog ideas!

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