Cell Phone Accessories

Today we are going to be talking about important 2 cell phone accessories that I think everyone should have.

First I want to start with a car charger. This is very important to have because you never know when your phone is going to die and you never know when you’re going to need your phone for an emergency. Having a car charger ready to go in your car is a great way to make sure that your phone is always ready to go with battery. This is also good for high phone users. I know that I use my phone all day so it’s important for me to have the car charger if I plan on using it and it having battery that long. A lot of people think this is a non necessity but it really is something I think every techy and especially every senior should have in their car, RV, or boat!

My next accessory is going to be a phone case, cover or phone pouch. This keeps your phone covered and safe if something were to happen to the phone. A lot of my customers call in with problems with their phones that usually occur from force to the phone or dropping it accidentally. Having the case on it will protect the phone and make sure that if it does fall at least you have that extra precautionary measure to make sure that the phone doesn’t break. Also there are a lot of stylish and interesting cases out there. For example a few blogs ago I talked about some phone cases that are also external batteries that charge the phone when you need that extra juice on the go! There are even cases that double as a wallet! In the end a phone case is always a great idea and gives you a little more piece of mind when it comes to dropping or accidentally harming your phone.

These are just a couple accessories that I think are very important for any techy or senior out there!

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