Big Launcher App for Android Devices

It can be a scary concept switching from a flip phone to a smartphone. You lose all the buttons and have to learn to use the touch screen for everything. With the Big Launcher app it makes it much easier to transition from a regular flip phone to an upgraded smartphone. Below is what a regular smartphone screen looks like compared to a Big Launcher home screen, you can tell the difference right away.

Big Launcher Home Screen

With these differences in mind, you can see that the big launcher has 6 main buttons that can easily help you function the phone rather then trying to push the tiny icons on the regular home screen. Big launcher essentially overrides the main user interface and uses its own interface that is much larger and uses shortcuts to allow the user to more easily operate the phone.

BIG Launcher includes large, high contrast icons, and provides quick access to commonly used features such as the date, time, phone, e-mail, camera, photos, and a programmable emergency contact referred to as “SOS.”

Take a look at this YouTube video demonstration of BIG Launcher to learn more about the app.

All you have to do is ask us to download the app on your phone and we will do it for only $20! That includes the paid version of the app for life and if you change phones at any time your Big Launcher subscription will follow!

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