Benefits of a No-Contract Cell Phone Plan

So many commitments, so many obligations! From kids to a career, from errands to extracurricular activities, from school to sleep, and occasionally a meal in between, who has time for it all? We are an overworked society tied down by so many to-do’s that it’s a miracle we even make it through the day, nonetheless actually manage to survive life in the long run.

When it comes to making a choice about what type of cell phone plan to purchase, the last thing you want to sign up for would be another lengthy, fully-committed contract that has as many finely printed stipulations and sub-clauses as you have tasks on your to-do list.

Thankfully, cell phone companies in today’s marketplace offer a variety of alternatives to the traditional multi-year plan typically sold alongside cell phones. From pay as you go phones to short-term cell phone deals that run month-to-month, week-to-week, even day-to-day, the options are nearly endless. There are even no contract phones available for the die-hard commitment averse!

Whether you already enlisted in a prepaid plan and are looking to switch or you are new to the game and considering your first cell phone contract options, whether you’ve got your eye on a Samsung flip phone or the newest version of the Apple iPhone, you will want to know the major benefits of a no-contract cell phone plan.

No Commitment

No plan means no commitment. With contract-free cell phone options, you don’t have to sign away your freedom on the dotted line. That means at any point, for whatever reason, you can cancel and opt out of your plan.

If terms change, service is spotty, or for any other reason imaginable, you can leave your provider and choose another option. You likely won’t receive reimbursement for any prepaid fees, but it’s a great option if your future is uncertain or you are undecided about which long-term plan would best suit you.

No Cancellation Fees

One of the biggest drawbacks associated with long-term cellular service plans is the fact that early termination results in losing big bucks. In fact, it’s this cancellation fee that generally accounts for the next-to-nothing cost of the latest phone you received at the beginning of your plan.

Due to the fact there is no contract in contract-free plans and you can opt out at any point, there’s also no cancellation fee. You are free to leave at any point without paying a hefty price.

No Money Lost on Unused Minutes, Data, or Messages

Typical service plans have set data, messaging or minute limits per month. In general, you pay a certain amount of money for a basic amount of service, a little more for slightly more data or minutes, and a whole lot more for an unlimited amount, if it’s even available.

No matter which option you choose, you’ll likely go under or over your limits at some point or another. In the latter case, you will end up losing money due to minutes or messages left used. Even if you do opt for the unlimited option, it’s almost guaranteed you’ll be paying more than any amount of data you actually use.

No Overage Charges for Exceeding Your Limits

Conversely, choosing a contract that has finite monthly limitations on your number of minutes or gigabytes of data means you’re more likely to exceed them. Doing so often results in steep fees and overage charges that quickly add up. Contract- free plans eliminate this hazard altogether.

No Personal Information Required

The dangers of identity theft are everywhere today as our culture becomes more and more connected through the advents of technology. Data thieves are at every corner of the Internet and every wireless hotspot waiting to steal your personal information and your hard-earned dollars.

One of the lesser-known benefits of contract-free plans is that most of them merely ask for a means of payment. They typically don’t require your or social security number or credit history, driver’s license ID, or bank information, as long as you can pay the tab. As such, less of that sensitive information is passed on to the company you’re contracted with. What’s more, your phone itself is free from your most private personal data in case the device itself is lost or stolen.

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