App Of The Week… teamSnap

App of the Week…


Do you have kids that play sports?  Have you ever thought about coaching a team but don’t know where to begin to handle all those kids? Are you the Team Mom trying to keep everyone organized and its starting to be overwhelming?  TeamSnap can help you make everything run smoothly no matter what sport you’re involved with!

TeamSnap calls itself the “#1 online sports team management application for coaches, managers and organizers.”  The program is available on the app AND online at so it is easily accessible for everyone.  It helps the team keep track of games and practices in the scheduling section, it lets people sign up for game snacks, lets you notify everyone if you will not be at a game or practice, there is a forum for posts, the app allows communication via email and text and it even allows you to post photos to share with everyone.  Do you need to contact your teammate? Check your roster in the app in a few simple clicks.

Another section called TeamSnap Live! is just that, a place where you can “live chat”… whether you are on the sidelines typing in play by plays or want to keep everyone updated on the point that was just scored-& by who! This is the perfect app.  If you need to coordinate a last minute ride to the game or you’re a parent that can’t make it to the game but want to feel like you’re there-tap on “Live” and chat away.  If an emergency comes up and a practice is canceled or a game is rained out, no longer an issue, TeamSnap is here to help.  This is a great feature because it reaches everyone instantly (if their notifications are turned on).

TeamSnap saves everyone time, relieves frustrations, and keeps everyone coordinated… with little effort, because TeamSnap does all the work for you.  Download the app today and start being the most efficient team leader ever!!!

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