App of The Week… Simple Senior Phone

App of the Week…

Simple Senior Phone

Do you want a cell phone for your parents or grandparents?  Do they want to have a “cool” phone but it is too difficult for them to operate?  Now you can turn that smart phone into a simple, easy to use phone with this great app Simple Senior Phone and easily stay in touch with all your family members.

Simple Senior Phone turns your smart phone into a very simple and easy to use phone.  Get the functional simplicity of a flip phone but have the benefit of a full touch screen!  The app gives you big buttons that are color-coded so it is easy to see and do exactly what you want on the phone such as calling, texting, sending loved ones your location and one click emergency dialing to any number you choose.  Once the app is downloaded it automatically opens every time the phone is turned on so there is no need to find and open an app, and if you ever change phones you can keep the same interface!

Do you want to have a little more of the functionality of a smart phone?  You can also add apps within the app so you can access the camera, a calculator, the internet or even the music player.  Stay hip with a touch screen smart phone without having to deal with the confusing smart phone functions.   As you get more used to your new phone, if you decide you want to try to use the phone as a normal smart phone, you can easily turn off the app – is it too much for you? Simply turn the app back on!

With the Simple Senior Phone app there is no need to be stuck with an “old” phone.  Impress your friends and family by getting this app on a smart phone today!

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