App of The Week… Shazam

Have you ever been driving down the street, or cleaning the house or at a party and the best song EVER just came on?  You know that’s your new favorite song but what is it & who sings it?  That is often a touch question.   Have you ever been with a group of friends and you are all trying to remember “what is this song” because you all love it?  Well now you don’t have to wonder any longer.  Now you can Shazam and amaze your friends by knowing what every song and artist is, every time!

Shazam listens and instantly tells you everything you may need to know about the song and lets you do so much more.  You can buy the song online, watch the YouTube video, see the lyrics, listen to your song on Rdio or Spotify and learn more about the artist by reading the bio and discography.  You can also see what your friends have Shazamed and share what you have Shazamed with friends on facebook, google+ or twitter!  Does it get any better?  A complete song database always at your fingertips!  You can add the widget to your home screen so you can shazam instantly and if you dont have an internet connection, no need to worry, Shazam will save the song and identify it for you once you are back online!  YES, with that I think it just got better!!!

The other night I was at home watching the Grammys and I Shazamed one of my favorite songs while the artist was performing so I could download it… not only did Shazam tell me the song and the artist but it actually recognized that the song was from the Grammys and gave me a complete list of every nomination and winner from the evening.  I was able to listen to everything and even downloaded a few extra songs I hadn’t planned on.  I was very impressed with the extra information and so many great songs all in one place.

Go to your favorite app store and download Shazam today for FREE so you can have the magic of music at your fingertips too!

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