App of The Week… Netflix

The most popular online service for watching TV and movies has made its way to your phone.  Netflix offers a paid monthly subscription to access hundreds of thousands of movies and TV shows.  Many are able to be accessed immediately and some you can order and they will mail you the DVD.

Netflix has some original series options but the most beneficial feature they have is their database of past seasons of many popular series.  Are all your friends watching The Walking Dead or Bones or Breaking Bad and you haven’t seen any episodes?  Is there a series you hear is good but you don’t want to start it in the 3rd season?  Well with the help of Netflix you can start at the pilot and work your way up through the end of last season.  That way you can keep up with the most popular shows after catching up and you won’t have to miss a thing, you will know every juicy detail of every episode ever shown!

Netflix is available on your computer or gaming device so you can enjoy your shows right on your TV.  It is also available as an app on your phone or tablet, never be board again because you can enjoy your favorite shows anywhere.  Download the Netflix and start watching today!

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