App of The Week… Lyft

Lyft calls themselves “your friend with a car.”  Do you need a ride somewhere but don’t want to wait for a high priced cab?  Need a ride down the street or across town?  Request a ride from Lyft.  They have drivers close by who are ready to pick you up and the prices are super affordable.  Simply download the app, register and request a ride; it’s that simple.  When the driver is about to arrive you will get a Lyft message with a picture of your driver and the car so you know what to expect and every Lyft car will have a pink mustache attached for clear identification and added fun.  Lyft does a background and DMV check on all their drivers  so you can rest assured you are with the safest drivers possible.  They also have a rating system- as soon as your ride is over you can rate your driver (& they will rate you), if either of you rates 3 stars or lower you will not be paired up for a future ride.  You are also able to pay for the ride when you arrive at your destination, all through the app so there is no need to have any cash.  Want simple, safe & affordable?…  contact lyft for your next ride!

And if you follow this link you can get up to a $25 credit toward your first ride

Some of the Lyft mottos that they want their drivers to remember…

Make safety a top priority

Welcome passenger just like a friend… they are “your friend with a car”

We rock the mustache

Invite everyone to sit upfront- just like your friend would

Welcome everyone with a fist bump

Lyft believes in making someone’s day a little better

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