App of The Week… Google Wallet

Google Wallet is a very convenient app that is just what is sounds like… a wallet in your phone.  It holds your credit and debit cards all in one place.  When you go to the store you can choose which card you want to use and “Tap & Pay” by simply tapping your phone on the register machine at the store and your payment is made.  You can also use the Google Wallet card and your transaction will be debited form your Google Wallet account.  This keeps you from having to carry all your cards all the time, simply use your phone since you have it anyway.

Google Wallet also keeps all your loyalty program cards in one place.  Add all your existing loyalty memberships by scanning your current card or by entering the information, in addition you can join new programs quickly & easily all thru your phone or online.  You can also get additional rewards from some merchants just for using Google Wallet.  You can also keep all of your offers in one place. Just click the Save to Google button and save great offers from websites all over the web.  Then you can use Google Wallet to easily redeem your saved offers in stores.

Google Wallet also lets you send money to anyone in the US with an email address; anytime, anywhere.  It’s quick, easy and free to send directly from your bank account or Google Wallet Balance.  You can also receive money and instantly spend it in stores or withdraw from an ATM with your Google Wallet Card.

Are you wondering if Google Wallet is safe to use?  Have peace of mind and stay safe when you shop.  Google Wallet has 24/7 fraud monitoring as part of the Google Wallet Fraud Protection program.  If your phone or Google Wallet card is lost or stolen, either can be disabled from your Google Wallet account.

Simplify your life, secure your money and lighten your wallet without lightening your bank account… Get the Google Wallet app today!

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