App Of The Week… Cool Birds

Were you too late to jump on the Flappy Bird craze?  Do you have hours and hours to kill staring at your phone?  Can you control the urge to not destroy your phone when you don’t pass the level?  Are you ready to be addicted like never before?

If you can answer YES to these questions then you should consider downloading the newest game “Cool Bird” today.  Based on the original world famous game, Flappy Bird, you can once again fly your little bird through the spaces in the pipes trying not to bang his head.  By pushing and holding your finger on the screen you can control your bird’s flappy wings, by letting go of the screen your bird will have an ill fated spin to its death! The more pipes you fly through the higher your score.  In this game you can also change the bird’s colors and compare scores with your friends.  Don’t let this one slip through the cracks too, download today and be sure you can keep this app, before it disappears forever just like Flappy Bird… the new Cool Bird – available in your favorite app store now!

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