App of The Week… Apps for the Visually Impaired

Are you blind or is it hard for you to see?  Do you still want to use a cell phone?  Everyone uses a cell phone these days and you should be able to use one also.  So how can this happen if it is difficult for you to see?  There’s an app for that!  Keep reading to see what developers have come up with to help you be successful in joining the cell phone world!

TalkBack, SoundBack and KickBack by the Google Eyes-Free Project – These apps (or accessibility features) help people who are blind or visually impaired to be able to use their cell phone easier.  It is pre-installed on most android phones and provides verbal and vibration alerts.

Talkback will “talk” to you.  It will tell you what buttons you push and will read the screen to you.  It will announce alarms, speak characters as you type, read labels of buttons, read battery level, speaks the time and so much more.  It will read your text messages and emails and will read the entire content of a new screen that you open.    Kickback vibrates to let the user know certain things… when the user navigates to a new button, when a button is pressed, when the keyboard is used to activate controls, when a box is checked or when the screen changes.  This helps the user find what they are looking for with confidence.  Similar to Kickback, Soundback is another way users can be notified of different things on their phone.  It gives of 4 different sounds for things like a phone is about to ring, a screen change, a button is pressed or a notification is about to be read.  Just remember to use 2 fingers to easily scroll through the app and avoid pushing buttons by mistake!

You can find more specifics on each feature at the following websites:

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