5 Ways Your Elderly Parent Can Benefit from Having a Cell Phone

Oil and water, dogs and chocolate, red wine and white couches. There are many combinations out there that just don’t work. Elderly parents and cell phones, however, is not one of them.

Contrary to popular belief, senior citizens are a population that can reap some of the biggest benefits of using cellular phones. However, nearly one in four of today’s sixty-five and older set don’t have one. This comes as quite a shock seeing as most children in modern American society learn how to use a phone before they can even talk on it.

Thankfully, recent statistics are showing a rising trend in elderly adults acquiring cell phones, and for good reason. From emergency prevention to greater family connectivity, outfitting your parents with a cell phone can greatly enhance their quality of life. Here are just five of the many benefits cell phones can provide.

1. Assist with Emergencies

When your parents start to get older, they’re more at risk to suffer unexpected medical emergencies, from trips and falls to heart attacks and strokes. With a smartphone or Samsung flip phone by their side, older adults are afforded easy and instant access to help, an asset that could prove lifesaving. There are even specific apps that you can set-up that let you know if something isn’t right should they be unable to call you directly.

2. Monitor Everyday Health

From blood pressure to pulse to weight, simple, easy-to-use apps are available from today’s contract and no contract phones alike. These tools let seniors keep current on their medical needs all in one place.

3. Keep Them Social

From the simple ability to call or text to the more advanced efforts of Skype and FaceTime, cell phones keep parents connected to friends, family, and loved ones. Staying social can prove more difficult with age, but the best phone plans (and cheap cell phone plans as well) offer an easier way to stay in touch.

4. Provide Entertainment

Music and movies and games – today’s phones are much more than calling devices. Nearly every cell phone on the market today offers entertaining extras that can keep your elderly parents’ boredom at bay.

5. Offer Peace of Mind

This one is more of a benefit for you, but as our parents age, we begin to worry more and more about leaving them on their own. From the potential health risks associated with independent seniors to the worry that they’ve got nothing to do, knowing your elderly one is in the company of a cell phone can afford you with some sense of relief.

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