5 Essential Cell Phone Apps for Seniors

Good old Mom and Dad. They have taught you a lot over the years, from how to tie your shoes to how to drive a car to how to raise children of your own. They have decades of experience and seemingly infinite wisdom on issues big or small, momentous and monumental to minor and seemingly minuscule. These extraordinary individuals have given you more of an education than any amount of schooling could ever hope to provide.

Wouldn’t it be nice to repay them in some form or another for all the priceless pieces of wisdom they’ve so lovingly passed down over the years? Wouldn’t it be incredibly rewarding to be able to reciprocate their kindness by teaching them something new for a change? It may be impossible to completely compensate for all their life lessons lent to you, but there are a few things you can teach them, especially when it comes to technology.

Most senior citizens don’t consider themselves cell phone savvy, to say the least. Sure, nowadays most of the sixty-five and older set have cell phones, but are they taking full advantage of all their phones have to offer? Lend a little know-how to your parents and other elderly family members for a change by educating them on these five must-have apps for the older crowd.

1. Magnifying Glass with Light

Available free for iPhone and iPad users, this simple app acts as an illuminated magnifying glass for the older set with less than perfect eyesight. Since they’ll (hopefully) take their phone with them everywhere they go, this app can help whenever small print strikes.

2. HeartWise Blood Pressure Tracker

Available on the iPhone for less than a dollar, this incredible app fills in for today’s oximeter, blood pressure device, and weight tracker all rolled into one. With its easy-to-navigate interface and even easier utilization of the phone’s camera capabilities to assess pulse and pressure, it’s a great go-to health app to cover the basics.

3. Pandora or Spotify

Think today’s top music apps are merely for millennials? Think again. Music apps like Spotify and Pandora are an easy way to give your elderly loved one easy access to his or her favorite songs and sounds. Whether he or she is into old-time jazz or swinging ’60s pop, apps like these have it all and can afford a lot of enjoyment for older individuals.

4. PillBoxie

The older you get, the longer your list of medications and multivitamins seems to become. Keeping track not only of when to take them but how, why, and how much of each can get confusing. Thankfully, PillBoxie does all the work for you. This app sends alerts without Internet connection and manages all of one’s medications in a single place.

5. Skype

There’s nothing most retirees enjoy more than staying connected to their children and grandchildren. Setting up a Skype account for your elderly loved ones gives them instant access to video conferencing capabilities so that they can talk and see their favorite family members at the click of a button. Whether your family is mere minutes away or across the country, Skype makes it easy for any age group to stay close and in touch.

Outfitting your elderly ones with a phone can be hard. Find the best unlimited data plan, cell phone plans, senior cell phone, flip phone, and cheap phones near you by visiting your local service provider or qualified national plan provider.

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