3G to 4G

I am sure you have heard about 3G, 4G and GB’s. Today, we are going to talk about the “G”. First things first, the G stands for generation. So, 3G is the third generation of mobile technology. 4G is the fourth generation of mobile technology. Now, prior to the big smartphone wave we used 3G devices. If you were like me, you were downloading music, ringtones, and browsing the web on your Verizon LG Env. The download speeds would take too long, and the web browser was as basic as it can get. Also, the phone had no Wi-Fi at that time, so you were stuck with the internet signal you would get. Fast forward to the smartphone wave after the first iPhone and Android devices. 4G LTE – LTE stands for Long Term Evolution was a big improvement from 3G.

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The download speeds were 10x faster and browsing the internet is like the experience you get on your desktop computer. In addition, the cell quality improved. Calls sound a lot more crystal clear on the 4G vs. 3G network. You can also use apps for your smartphone. Such apps you can download are games, books, and podcast. 4G changed the game and made it easier to use the internet with our mobile devices. Basic phones also benefited. You have the option of using 4G internet on your basic flip phone. The basic phones also benefited by getting better reception when switching to 4G. Now that we’ve the discussed the transition from 3G to 4G and the benefits of using 4G LTE technology. It is finally that time to jump on board and start using 4G. Keep in mind that 3G service will discontinue by the end of this year. We are here to help you transition from 3G to 4G service. Feel free to call us and ask more questions about 4G.

Written by: Geo Montoya

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